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New Year's Resolution ... more blog posts?

I blog in my head daily, so why aren't you seeing more blog posts on this page?

I cannot use COVID as an excuse. I didn't blog too frequently before the pandemic either. I don't think I lack ideas, but finding time to blog is often very elusive. I frequently wake up with a topic for a blog post, but put off writing a post until later... until the emails are answered, classes prepared for, and inroads made into writing an article for publication or a report for a funder. Once these tasks are done, it is late in the evening and all I want is to relax with a glass of wine or watch a Korean drama.

But enough excuses. Here comes my New Year's resolution: blogging more frequently. Ideally, I would like to blog on a weekly basis, perhaps aiming to pots a new blog every Monday.

Wish me luck! Also, feel free to suggest topics. You can always contact me at or on Twitter @EGozdziak

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