In this large project, carried out by a consortium of eight universities, I have been involved in studying several issues:

  • The role of religion and religious tolerance in the European 'refugee crisis;' and

  • The involvement of civil society actors in in facilitating assistance and integration of refugees and asylum seekers in Poland and in Hungary.

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In this project, I have studied the different pathways of Polish nurses into the Norwegian labor market and society, examining the impact of mobility regimes on migrants’ lives. My colleagues looked at Swedish and Filipino nurses.


Comparing Scandinavian, EU, and non-EU migrants, we explored how and when migration, gender, race and ethnicity matter, and bring together regimes of immigration and integration in a mutually informative way. The comparison offered the opportunity to examine the impact of these regimes on migrants’ integration into work and society in Norway.

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Migration from Africa

to Thailand


This is a book project carried out in collaboration with with faculty and graduate students at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand. 


There is a small but growing community of African migrants and asylum seekers in Thailand. In the book, we are exploring their migration trajectories, integration challenges, and issues related to race. Stay tuned for more information as the manuscript progresses.