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I have been quiet but .... busy

I just realized that I have not posted anything since September... This doesn't mean I have been idle; quite to the contrary.


My research project on migrant children in Polish schools is going well. In the summer we had presented our preliminary findings at several conferences. I wrote about those here. Since then, we have submitted a couple of different articles to peer-reviewed journals and are awaiting reviewers' comments as we work on a few more papers. One of the papers discusses education as abordering practice while the other (by one of our doctoral students) presents research on migrant families from different disciplinary perspectives.


In order to find some quiet time to write and discuss our writing, the research team had a four-day retreat last month in Podstolice, a charming 19th century neoclassical country house (manor). It was also a good team building exercise. We plan to repet it in the spring.

Transcribing interviews

Fieldwork is a lot of fun, but transcribing interviews is very time-consuming! Farming out transcriptions (if one can find the resources) speeds the process but listing to the voice recordings while transcribing is also an excellent way to engage in an on-going analysis of the collected data.

I will be returning to Washington DC for Thanksgiving and Christmas for my official vacation (urlop or annual leave), but hope to find time to continue transcribing my interviews.

Stay tuned, and in the meantime, please visit our team blog here.

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