With a unique combination of social scientific analysis, as well as legal and philosophical normative reconstruction and theory, NoVaMigra will develop a precise descriptive and normative understanding of the current “value crisis” in Europe, assess possible evolutions of European values, and consider Europe’s future in light of rights, norms, and values that it should aim at and that could contribute to overcoming the refugee crisis.

NoVaMigra’s overall strategy is to provide significant impact on academia, policy-making, and society. It combines the expertise of a multidisciplinary and international team of experienced researchers and an Advisory Board composed of relevant stakeholders in politics and society. NoVaMigra transmits its insights into the political debate and development of immigration/asylum and of integration policies. It outlines a comprehensive strategy for relevant stakeholders on the European, national and regional level aiming at overcoming the deep divergences in Europe regarding migration, integration and refugees.



Europe and the Refugee Response. A Crisis of Values? Routledge 2020. (Editor, with Izabella Main and Brigitte Suter)

Open Access; read it here

Contesting flexible solidarity: Poland and the ‘migration crisis’ (with Izabella Main). Frontiers in Human Dynamics: Refugees and Conflict 2: Article 562682

A full project summary can be found here

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